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A Community of Patriots

Taking back our community and cleaning it up while helping our sisters and brothers by bringing peace, and love, restoring Freedom & Uniting Milwaukee.

Our Mission

We the People of Milwaukee, LLC plans to enrich oppressed in planning lives & educating and invoking empowerment. We are a community of patriots supporting the constitution, law and order, freedom of faith, rights to the life and the American family.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a city and state where individual faith, freedom, liberty, and justice are cherished and maximized; and where the constitution is revered and upheld and Americans are free to pursue the American Dream.

We The People of Milwaukee, uniting together with our brothers and sisters on cleaning up our community and stand against government overreach. Uniting Milwaukee with peace and love to restore our liberty and freedoms. This non-partisan, grassroots organization is founded by Pastor Virginia Pratt. We have no political affiliation. Our goal is to educate and work together as a community. 








Stay tuned for our upcoming events!

Congratulations to We The People of Milwaukee group on a very successful event! All of your combined hard work and efforts truly shined brightly today and you all should be proud of what took place on this day! You are an inspiration to your community through times when it is needed the most! I witnessed something very special this day and cannot wait to see what you have in store in the coming weeks and months! The team is proud to be standing next to you through this moment in history! God receives all glory! Together we are stronger! United we stand , We The People!
—Brock M.

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